Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is a cornerstone of good systems engineering. It starts with Documentation, but encompasses so much more. How is knowledge gathered from teh tacit (brain), shared with the tribe (team), and retained for the future.

Of course, Wiki is at the center of any good knowledge management strategy. A wiki allows contributions and editing from a larger contributor-base than the traditional pipeline (silo) approach to documentation.

Documentation also includes a critical delination between the AS-IS (the systems currently in place) and the TO-BE (the desired state). If you only have an AS-IS, it can be very difficult to make the incremental improvements To-Be.

A good collaboration platform should encourage field contributions to structure and content. Text that can be structured should be, while always allowing free-form (unstructured) text.

Austin Voice Data has experience deploying numerous wiki and collaboration platforms, including: - FOSWiki (forked from TWiki) - Microsoft Sharepoint (although, good luck developing against it) - Atlassian Confluence