Austin Voice Data provides project engineering and operations support across a broad spectrum of products and technologies.

Favourite Products

Technology is typically implemented in Products and Systems (and human processes).

This page lists some of my favourite products for easy reference.

  • Network Infastructure
    • LAN Switching:
    • CiscoIOS Switches (Cisco 2900 series)
    • IP Routing:
    • Cisco ISR Gen2 Routers (CiscoIOS 800/1800/2900)
    • Wireless Infrastructure
    • Ubiquiti AirMax for infrastructure
      • Nano2M is $40 for outside
      • AirRouter (indoor) is $40 for simple deployments
      • AirMax feature enables TDM (Time Division Multiplex) for bandwidth assurance
    • Ubiquiti Unifi for client WiFi
      • managed by local or cloud WiFI controller
  • Computers (Physical)
    • Apple iMac (2015 with SSD)
    • Intel NUC (Linux or Windows)
    • Windows 10 on Refurbished Dell All-in-One workstations
  • Virtualization and Cloud
    • VMWare ESXi and vCenter for On-premise deployments
    • Microsoft Azure for Cloud deployments
    • Docker Containers and Docker Swarm
    • Cloud-init for systems initialization
  • Systems Monitoring and Alerting
    • PRTG - free up to 100 sensors
    • SolarWinds Orion (Network Performance Monitor and other modules)
  • Development and Operations
    • FOSwiki for wiki (ad-hoc content and tools)
    • AirTable for Structured Data
    • Ansible for automation (agentless)
  • Web Development
    • Hugo for Static Site Generator