Austin Voice Data (LLC) is the consulting engineering business of Kris D. Thompson, Professional Engineer (Ontario), CCIE (#1226).

Kris brings a no-nonsense and practical methods to getting things done. Task and quality oriented, conscientious in his approach, you can count on Kris to bring a cost-conscious passion for results.

Talk to us about our three service levels:

  • Copper-clad - base level - all work is solid
  • Silver-lined - add in some extra touches
  • Gold-plated - really make that project shine

Bio (Who is this Kris Thompson)

Raised in Kingston, Ontario (Canada eh), Kris graduated with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Applied Science at Queen’s University.

Kris started his engineering career in auto plant Engineering at General Motors and special circuits at Bell Canada. Upon graduation, Kris went to work for Northern Telecom as a Systems Applications Engineering for major customer Bell Canada. After a couple of years and acquiring his Professional Engineering License (Ontario), Kris moved to Austin Texas. Goodbye winter, hello summer inferno.

After some time with Southwestern Bell Telecom, supporting the worlds largest Call Center at USAA, Kris found a better gig with Apple Computer when they first moved to Austin. With Apple, Kris helped bring the new campus online, before joining a third level Support Engineering group for Network and Communications products; dialup, terminals, SNA gateways, Apple Unix servers, we got it all.

Cisco found Kris while he was on rotation in Cupertino (Apple HQ). Cisco brought Kris in as a Technical Support Engineer in the same year that Netscape Communicator was released (1994). Within his first year at Cisco, Kris was promoted to the initial Escalaltion Engineering team, and acquired his CCIE as one of the worlds first (CCIE#1126). During this time, Kris created a “Support Library” using web based tagging and authoring, and led the charge on knowledge management.

Kris returned to Texas in 1996 to build an exemplary green home (Rammed Earth). He continued his work with Cisco, focusing on Cisco Press and Cisco Documentatoin, supporting local customers, and developing award winning user-oriented documentation. When Cisco launched their eSupport initiative, Kris was assigned to the team as a founding member and techhical leader.

More Cisco as a member of Cisco ROS in the 2000s. Foucsed on Cisco Collaboration systems (aka CallManager and voice systems). Developed innovative uses of Wiki to deliver enterprise 2.0 and manage customer information.

Since 2010, Kris has been an independant consultant (Austin Voice Data).